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Need help: Easy art/craft project for 4-10 yos

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I am in charge of the crafts for our church group. I need suggestions for a project that will appeal to 4-10 year olds, can be finished in 30 minutes with a minimum of cleanup and preparation, and does not require lengthy drying time--something they can take with them. A tall order! Or, if nothing fits this bill, something for the 7-10 yo range, and we can do something else for the small ones. Christian-oriented would be good, but not necessary. Thanks!

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Thanksgiving themed crafts:


1. Make Thanksgiving cards for their families. You can have them put stickers or foamy stickers on them. Or cut things out to glue on them. Color, etc.


2. Have them help to decorate a large turkey cut out and then have them write things they are thankful for on cut out feathers and glue the feathers on for a tail.


Other ideas:


1. I'm not sure what your budget is, but maybe have them make some felt placemats and cardboard napkin rings. They can glue decorative items on both.


2. Make paper chains for decorations.


3. Paint picture frames.

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