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Latin Curriculum


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I did a search as I'm sure you have covered this many times but if you will bear with me I would like to ask what Latin curricula would be appropriate for an inquisitive boy of 11. He questions and analyzes and is a pretty good problem solver but not a fan of or all that great at rote memorization. I would rather have him work with the material rather than just try to repeat it over and over to memory. KWIM?


I'm wondering if the Latin Road to English Grammar would be appropriate. Right now we are doing Latina Christiana 1 and we will probably finish it but he is old enough I think he could use something a little more challenging but not just with more content. We will probably finish what we started so he will have a little background when starting something different.

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I like Latin Prep for that age. From the first chapter, the pupil is using the language: translating from Latin to English and also English to Latin. That really is problem solving. The grammar is constantly reinforced as it comes up again in future exercises. The pupil does have to memorise - that's inevitable when learning a foreign language - but it's memorising in order to use the knowledge. You might like to check out the samples and see what you think.



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