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Help needed. Grammar.

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Say you had been asked to teach 3 grade 9 boys, all reasonably bright, but who had no grammar instruction other than the parts of speech (and were shaky on that)


I have never learnt to diagram and my own grammar is also shaky. Where would you start? Is there a great book I can get that won't insult their intelligence? I would prefer free off the net but find they go too fast for me (and assume knowledge I do not have myself)


I know this is rather the blind leading the blind, but if you have any ideas that will help open our eyes we would be very grateful. (but not KISS grammar, we are using that. We did fine till we got to compliments when he used a whole slew of terms we didn't know!)


We are keen to learn, yes these boys are up for grammar! But we need something to hold our hands that doesn't use stories about fairies and bunnies.....;)

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