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Squirrel-proof bird feeders...do they work?

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I got one that is a long tube that has a little cage around it. When the squirrel climbs on it, it pulls the cage down and blocks the access to the birdseed. So far, mine has worked like a charm. Now they just try to get the stuff that falls down around the bottom.


This is similar to mine:



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Same here, but they drug it up another tree.:glare:


I have this one, and it lasted about a year before they ruined it. It was entertaining watching them try to get into it. They're awfully determined.


Eventually they knocked it onto the ground and chewed a hole through it.



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I had one that had the pull-down thingie, but the problem was that the bird seed sort of caked up inside at the bottom and the container was too narrow for me to reach in and tidy it up. Eventually I tossed it.


Then I bought an acrylic feeder that has a dome over it, which is supposed to keep the squirrels out, but some of them have figured out how to flip into the feeding tray.


I don't have much of a problem with squirrels, really, so I just don't worry about it. :)

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I think of my feeder as a bird-proof squirrel feeder.


When they came around last year, I threw potatoes and onions at them from the window. My aim is very bad, didn't hit a one. The snow was too deep for me to go all the way out there, and I didn't have anything to shoot them with.


Meanwhile, my mother was rooting for the squirrels. They are okay on everyone's bird feeders but hers.

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