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Field bag - do your children use one?

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Guest TheBugsMom

I keep a bag packed with all our Nature Study stuff:Nature journal, pencils, colored pencils, sharpener, magnifying glass, binoculars, scissors, gloves, zip lock bags, tweezers, and collecting jars. This makes spur of the moment nature hikes/studies easy to get moving. I am thinking of making each child and myself a smaller bag for individual use since ds is at the age where he can go off on his own.

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I made dd's out of part of a pair of her brother's cargo pants. I'll see if I can post a pic--it came out GREAT. She carries a sketch book or paper, pencils, her pocket knife, and sometimes other stuff. She also carries it into DC when we visit museums. It has a strap that goes across her chest and it hangs to her lower hip--but we tie it up a bit to shorten the strap. I wanted something that would last, and the canvas/denim type material is perfect--looks a little distressed, so it hid my sewing...;)

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Well......last year I had the BRILLIANT idea to knit ds a messenger bag. I knitted it extra big since I planned to felt it.


So, I finished knitting it.


Then I felted it.


It goes down to his ankles. :001_huh:


I wonder if you could put in some sort of a d-ring that would let you take up the excess in the strap and then let it out when he grows.

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