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Looking for AudioBook Recommendations


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Lynne Reid Banks titles such as Indian in the Cupboard and I, Houdini (my kids just about wore out the cassette tape of this one)


Beverly Cleary books such as Mouse and the Motorcycle or any of the Henry Huggins books


Dick King Smith books such as Babe


E. Nesbit titles such as Five Children and It, and Treasures Seekers and Railway Children


Jim Weiss also recorded the book Rascal, one of my all time favorite books from my boys' childhood


And how about Charlotte's Web or Trumpet of the Swan?


My younger son devoured all the Redwall books.


Another favorite series for him was the Freddy the Pig books by Walter Brooks. They are delightfully silly

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Which is your favorite?


We are listening to James and the Giant Peach and older dd LOVES it. Thought I would try another Dahl book.


I'm not the poster you asked, but had to say Danny the Champion of the World, & Fantastic Mr. Fox by Dahl are enduring favourites in our home.


To the op:

we have enjoyed many of Jim Weiss' audio books,


as well as these:


G.A. Henty's audio books by Weiss - DD likes In the Reign of Terror, DS likes Beric the Briton (both like The Cat of Bubastes)


The Railway Children


The Roman Mysteries (with the male reader)


Paddington Bear (so droll & funny)


The Last Chance Detectives


Both the BBC & Focus on the Family's production of The Chronicle's of Narnia


Pilgrims Progress (unabridged ) was DS favourite from a VERY young age


DD liked The Boxcar Children audios we purchased


My Father's Dragon Series


The Story of Dr. Doolitte


DS Likes The Hobbit


There are a ton more, but I've run out of typing time.

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Tale of Despereaux is our family's absolute all-time favorite audiobook ever. The British actor who reads it does the most wonderful voices — I wish he'd done all the voices in the movie. (Oh, and that the movie actually stuck to the book, instead of making up a totally different and much weirder/creepier story. :glare: )



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