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Questions about a trip to Sarasota/Orlando in April.

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dh has a business trip to Sarasota in mid-April. We are going to add on a few days in Orlando and do Disney.


Is there enough to do in Sarasota that we would want to go in early(ie....leave Disney) to enjoy some things? Dh will have meetings, so the girls and I will already have some time to do activities. Not sure about a rental car yet, since it's still a ways out. Looks like there may be some nature preserves/art museums? We are usually the only people that bring our kids. Most are at the grandkid stage.


p.s. I'm leaning towards as much time in Orlando as possible and only coming to Sarasota at the last possible moment, but feel free to try to convince me that we need to spend more time in Sarasota. :tongue_smilie:

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This is my hometown. I'd be happy to answer any questions you'd like. What do you like to do?

Sarasota and Orlando are like apples and oranges....just depends on the kind of things you like to see/do.


ok...let's see.


The meeting location is the Ritz-Carlton, so I don't know how that works out location-wise. They tend to be stuffy places to stay, so we'll probably try to get out as much as possible.


Do you need a rental car? How is public transportation?


My kiddos are 5 and 7. We are game for most things. Age-appropriate museums? Awesome parks? Will we have a hard time filling days when dh is in meetings and we have no place to go except back to a hotel room to watch TV? The meetings tends to pick places with a focus on shopping/golf/spa, instead of family-friendly. Great for adults, not necessarily great for kids.


dh isn't as much into museums, so we'll have a day or so to find something to do with him. Is April beach weather?

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