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Which foreign language should we chose?

pooh bear

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I am wondering which foreign language ds should start learning.


He has stated that when he gets to college he wants to study Latin and Ancient Greek. He is only 10, and may change his mind, but at the moment he seems very set on studying the classics.


So I am wondering which foreign language would be best for him to start learning? Which would be of the greatest benefits when studying the classics?


Can you point me in the direction of curriculum/books that would be good for teaching? I could use an adult text and learn ahead of him, if there is not anything for the younger age.

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Learn the one that you can teach the most easily. What resources do you have locally for practicing that language? Did you learn a language in high school?




If your child expresses a passion for a specific language, consistently over a period of 1-3 months, then go with that one.



I learned German in high school, not that I remember much.


What I do remember is how to say my car and glasses are broken and ask where is the hospital?


Really helpful! :lol:


I think I would be more comfortable with German, than say French or Spanish. Is there any German curriculum that is available, even I have to order from the UK or some such place. What about online courses?

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