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Needing some reassurance


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Must be the month or the weather.


I need a little reviewing of what we are doing and what I am planning for my older kids. (I am no longer teaching my friend's daughter at my request.)


This is what I have been doing:


Math: CLE 400 (fast tracked pace)

Gram: FLL 3 (skipping poetry, narrations, and bonus lessons)

Writ: WWE 1

Spell: AAS 1

Hand: HWT 3rd grade Cursive


The above takes about 2 hours in the mornings, depending on cooperation of children.

Oldest (14yrold) also works on LL7 a little everyday after lunch.


My older (14) is supposed to be doing 7th and 8th this year. My 2nd son (almost 12) is supposed to be starting the Logic stage. We are stuck in grammar stage. I want to move on but not feel I have wasted money once again. I am planning on finishing what we have started then do the following:


Math: same, just moving on

Gram/Writ: R&S 5

Hand: HWT Cursive Success

Spell: same, just moving on

Vocab: VfCR 4/5

Lit: LL7 (12yrold) and LL8 (14yrold)

Sci: Apologia General Science

Hist: Hist Ody L2


I would love to add some or all of logic prep, languages, art and music. I feel like I cannot and still teach/watch my other kidlets.


My other problem is my kids say they are bored, that they need more creativity and activities. This is not my area of expertise. I am more do the book and call it done. Then again, we aren't doing anything extra that we can include fun projects with.


My last stinger is I feel we are not doing enough writing. Outside of WWE and the small LL7 assignments, they aren't doing any. Will R&S have enough?


What do I need to add to my above stated plan to fit my goal of getting oldest ready for high school level work starting August 2011 and the 2nd on track for logic stage?

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It's probably me, but I'm a little confused about which children are doing which programs. Perhaps if you could clarify that, I could help a bit. (Sorry if I'm being dense.)


One easy way to add a little music exposure would be to listen to one or more of the Beethoven's Wig CDs. They may even be available at your local library, but you can check them out here:




You don't have to do anything formal with them. Just listen during lunch or breaktime, and check off music for the day. (FWIW, I'm a professional classical musician.) This helps to develop the ear, builds a familiarity with some of the most standard and recognizable classical masterpieces, and is fun too.


I totally understand about wanting to "do the book and call it done." That's me too. Why would I want to do a craft? Unfortunately, my children (especially my youngest) have a different sentiment. I don't have a solution (other than SOTW Activity Books), but I feel your pain.





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I'm guessing you're remediating some skills? trying to fill some gaps we all worry about?


Maybe they are bored because they are ready for more meat, more challenge. Maybe they are ready to make the jump up to logic stage work now?


One suggestion would be to go ahead and start your new history and science NOW while you're still finishing "easier" skill curricula... that way you don't bump everything up at once. They will, likely, have gotten used to the heavier work load in history and science by the time you need to bump up their math and grammar, etc.


My second thought is, how much longer until you finish FLL 3? You might want to start R&S 5 now. Even my 8yo thinks FLL3 is easy - not because he already knows it all, but because it is so gentle and scripted.


Just a couple thoughts - feel free to disregard! especially if I misunderstood your original post :001_smile:.

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I have my 14 and 12 yr old sons working on the same curricula with the exception of LL7. I am thinking of stopping with WWE.


Yes, we have been remediating skills for some time now. We will finish FLL3 possibly by December. I have been trying to decide on continuing with FLL4 or jumping to R&S5.


The idea about starting some of the upper level work is great. Thank you for the lightbulb.


We bought all 4 Beethoven's Wig CDs for the kids last Christmas. They listen to them everytime we are in the car and even the youngest sings along. LOVE THEM!!!

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Sorry for the confusion on my part. Your post makes complete sense now.


Yes, I agree with Another Lynn. Consider starting the history and science (and maybe even vocab and handwriting) now so that you're gradually phasing them into a heavier workload. That should take care of the boredom issue for a while too.


Hope it goes well!



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