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Go-karts - need advice

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We bought 3 used ones (1 had no engine, 1 didn't work, and 1 did work) this summer. For the brief periods of time that one or more has worked, they've been lots of fun - for my boys and my girls!


They've also given our kids some mechanical skills they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. There's a benefit to used engines!

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We bought one a few years ago for our dc for Christmas. We bought new and got the warranty. That was money well spent:). We have used the warranty a few times (Once was a minor issue and once to replace the clutch after a friend of our used it despite exceeding the weight limit!). We all love riding the go kart and have definitely gotten our moneys worth!!

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Just be sure to get one with roll bars. I've heard of many terrible accidents (from my neighbor who is a fireman) of children going under things.


Agreed, my dh and ds had a go-kart for a while. Dh flipped it once. Ours was a two seater, it was great fun.


Be careful when buying used. My dh bought one where the motor had been ruined by running it incorrectly when new. He had trouble with it constantly.


Also check the noise level, depending upon where you're going to run it. Ours was quite loud.


Safety was his #1 priority. Long pants, closed toes shoes, helmets, gloves, and safety glasses were always required.


I can't remember which brands dh owned, but do your research. Look for a quality motor and a frame that is welded together well.

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I would buy new if you can afford it. Ours was bought new and is still going strong 6 years later. I have friends that bought used and have had nothing but trouble with them. If you do buy used make sure the engine has a cover over it. Also make sure people with long hair put their hair up tight before riding.

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