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High School History Rotation..need help!

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Just wondering what History to do what year?


We are doing World Geography now..she's in 9th grade.


Also, where would Art Appreciation/ History fall under?


This is our second year to homeschool and I'm stressing to make sure she gets in all in...since she's in high school.


Thanks for your help!



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We are going to do Art history as an elective some time, not as part of the actual history sequence. Would that work for you?

Other than that, we plan to do:

1. Ancients


3. 1600-1850 or so

4. Modern (1850-present)

at some point we will fit in a semester specifically devoted to American History and government, probably between/ parallel to 3 and 4 .

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Re: Art history: You might try getting the books The Annotated Mona Lisa (art) and The Annotated Arch (architecture), which are divided by time period, and simply adding them to your dd's history sequence. Or, if she's VERY interested in art history, get her a copy of E.H. Gombrich's The Story of Art and use it the same way.

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You can look what credits specifically your state requires for high school graduation at the NCEO (National Center for Educational Outcomes) website. Most states require:


usually grade 9 or 10:

- 1 credit (1 full year) = World History (most states allow your choice: all of history, or just one time period)


usually grade 11:

- 1 credit (1 full year) = American History (a few states require 2 years)


usually grade 12:

- 0.5 credit (1 semester) = Government/Civics

- 0.5 credit (1 semester) = Economics



Based on what you are currently doing, it looks like you will have 4 credits towards social studies. If you do the required social studies credits in the years they are typically done, here's what your high school social studies credits might look like:


grade 9 = 1 credit = World Geography

grade 10 = 1 credit = World History

grade 11 = 1 credit = American History

grade 12 = 0.5 credit EACH = Government AND Economics



If you were wanting to do a 4-year history cycle in the WTM style, you'd most likely have to adapt by condensing (doing several years or all 4 years of history in 1-2 years); doing broad overviews (don't go in depth, follow bunny trails, or focus on any particular time period/area of the world); or doubling up (ex: adding in what was happening in the world from Renaissance through Modern times while doing American History; OR, doing an additional year of history while also doing Gov't and Econ). BEST of luck, whatever you decide! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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