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Rod & Staff Science in the lower grades?


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I won 't be too much help, but I do have the 2nd grade science wkbk. I used parts of it for 1st and 2nd grade. It had nice pictures to color and little review questions at the end. MOstly I used it as a supplement to work we were doing on our own in the topics. Like after we had been studying the moon and the sun for awhile with library books, then I would have dd read their story and do their wksht questions and color the page and I put them in our science notebook. The pros were having something there and not having to go to the internet to print pictures or questions and it was something different than our regular narrations.


The cons. In my opinion it is very simple and does not give much information really. There are chapters on pets in 2nd grade. The info was more appropriate for younger children.


It worked ok since I was using this for 2 children, one being 5 yrs old. It worked to have on hand for reference on the plants and trees section (for me) And I liked the wkshts and coloring pages. I have no plans to purchase any of the other grade levels at this time.

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It's not the most exciting program, but it gets the job done. The TM is well laid out, all of the basic topics are covered, and after doing grades 3-6 I feel like my kids have a decent understanding and foundation of the various science topics.


I had decided to use the text-book approach when I realized I was not doing a good job with my kids and science. I want my kids to have a basic grasp on the different topics (like clouds, planets, the human body, etc...) and know the vocabulary. These books have met my goals.


I would have used 7th grade this year, but my dd is taking Apologia's General Science online with Veritas Press.

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