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Common Application School Profile

Janice in NJ

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I have a normal looking transcript with comprehensive course descriptions. We use a regular-ole grading scale. Ds has four recommendations from outside teachers. I think his test scores may end up being pretty decent. He completed an independent senior project in hydronic heating; he'll be uploading scans of his project notebook.


His application really does look pretty decent. Nothing "oh my goodness, this kid is the next Einstein or anything," but it seems pretty normal. I really have tried to frame it within a context that schools can easily understand.


WHAT is the Common Application looking for in a "School Profile?" It seems like that's for public schools - demographics about the town, the school, and their test scores etc. Can someone please tell me what to upload cause I feel like uploading a document that just says, "Please see transcript, course descriptions, and the homeschool supplement." Every time I try to write about what our school looked like it ends up sounding self-indulgent. Do they really want to read this stuff? I'm having a hard time finding my voice; I really would just like to skip it as I wonder if anyone really is going to read it.





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I just sent a Home School Profile to a Common App school and "they" responded by saying the profile and transcripts (both mine and the comm college where my D is a dual-enrollment student) were more than sufficient. I have been in contact with the school quite a bit as it is a very small school and they are super receptive, as they like home educated students. They told me my profile was plenty. I have sent it to you as a PM so you can see what it looks like.

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