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Our urgent care trip -

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I hope he heals up quickly.


I have to share that I did the same thing with almost the same results...only both of my parents were at work and only found out an hour later when they came home to a crying girl and a bloody towel.


My dad later said that it was a lesson learned the hard way for me. I hope your son isn't being too hard on himself for the same thing

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Yikes! I hope he doesn't have any complications.


I think your ds got the worse deal over my ds.


My 6 yr old broke his arm on Sat. by lieing under our mini trampoline, and trying to hold up the trampoline while big brother jumped on it. Not the brightest thing to do. :glare:


This is his third time breaking bones. He's broken both his arms and his nose...in 3 years.


Has your ds ever had stiches before?

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Ouchie, that is horrible for you both. Watching my kids in pain is on the top 3 things I hate. I hope he heals quickly. :grouphug:

On the bright side he now has battle scars and great stories for friends. Boys actually compare these things, I never would have believed it but I over heard oldest and friend once trying to out do each others accidents by scar size. :001_smile:

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