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Rough Collie

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I'm only tattlin' 'cause I don't want to do the work I'm supposed to be doing. :D


Tattling results in two demerits. That means you have to come over and clean my toilets. I hate to tell you the consequences of not doing so ... so get over here! :001_smile: The next 2 demerits mean you have to clean the tub. Eventually, you will be cleaning the entire bathroom. So hurry up before you have so much to do that you have to spend the night. On a futon. In a freezing cold basement. Where mice have been seen -- both dead and alive. There was even a black snake once -- thin, poised, and deadly. Ah heck, I may as well tell you that I don't enter the basement once it gets cold out unless a teenage boy bodyguard is with me. It has stone walls, too. It looks like a dungeon.

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HEY! Do I sense sarcasm??? I said I hate being rude, not being blunt. I am a sweet person. Ask MyBlueLobster or AnotherLinda!


You might be joining a very special club you know!


Sugar, I'm from The Deep South. I am never sarcastic. (I called you Sugar because I know you're Sweet!)


Luckily, you are the President of that club!

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