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Help, Am I handicapping my child! (Long)


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Maybe I am just worrying. I used Horizons with a little MUS for math for my two older children. They did find. My younger daughter started having difficulty moving at the faster pace of Horizons K about 2/3 the way through the 2nd book, so we dropped it and just did some reinforcing worksheets and light storebook Kindergarten books to complete second grade. She had trouble learning her math facts and doing addition and subtraction without the number line to aid her. THe number line was helpful in her seeing that adding makes the number the same (with 0) of larger and conversely with subtraction the number stays the same or gets smaller. But she was not memorizing her facts. She also had trouble counting different coins. For first grade I turned to Rod & Staff math; she's learning her facts and really understood how to count different coins. I like Rod & Staff very much, and it seems to give the practice and drill she needs. The diverse exposure/spiral approach of Horizon (also a great curriculum) didn't seem to be allow her to retain. I like the slower but thorough pace, but sometimes I worry if she should be doing the things that my older children were doing and being exposed to the concepts to which they were exposed in 2nd grade with Horizons. Especially considering that this year she will have to do her first standardized testing. Am I worrying for nothing?

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