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Don't you love it when things click in teens' heads

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My oldest two take turns washing dishes. Last Monday, my ds did not wash the rice cooker insert--instead he quietly shut the rice cooker as if it was clean. So, a few days later I open it and find gross rice. Every day since then I have asked him to clean it.


Tonight, we need it clean for rice for supper. I let him know supper is cooking--we won't have any rice to go with our meat if you don't get on the ball and get it clean.


He meanders into the kitchen. Opens the really gross rice pot. His words---"Who was inconsiderate enough to leave this pot like this! I can't believe anyone is so selfish" To which I replied that he was the one that left the pot like that and that we have all been waiting for it to be clean since last week!



Total Silence! The rice pot is now clean!

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