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ideas for topic of U.S. Government essay. . .

Guest Barb B

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Ok - ds and I aren't getting anywhere today. I need some ideas for topics for a persuasive essay for government. It could be related to the content of the course or as it relates to current events. Ds seems to be struggling with writing lately. I want some good topics that will lend themselves to him coming up with a good, arguable, specific thesis statement for a 2-3 page essay. I should be able to come up with something - but I am brain dead!



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A Vote for Candidate A is a Vote for ______________

Why Vote for Candidate A instead of Candidate B

Why Health Insurance Should (or Should Not) Be a Right for Every American

The Next Draft: Should Women Be Drafted Too?

Should the Draft Be Reinstated?

Term Limits for Congress?


Maybe that can at least get him started on some ideas.

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