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WTM Cycle w/ Jr. Chemistry ??


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What should I do?


My ds is on his second cycle with WTM. This year we decided to use Apologia Creation series (which he has really enjoyed). Next year in WTM he would be doing Chemistry but Apologia has several books (General, Physical, & Biology) before entering into Chemistry (a high school course). We used WTM suggestions for Jr. High the first time around (and didn't really like it). So should I use a another Jr. High Chem. ??? or go into General with my ds?


He'll be going into MUS Zeta (decimals, percentage, etc.). So he doesn't yet have the math skills to tackle high school Chem.

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The Elem series is coming out with a chem/physics book I believe for next fall. RS4K 2 is awesome. OR go ahead with General Science. You can make WTM fit the curriculum you love.

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