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Does anyone know where Cammie in India is?

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It seems like she's been missing from the boards for a while. Or, have I just some how managed to miss the threads she's posting in?


I wanted to ask her a question about the differences in religious practices amongst Hindus. I noticed that many people were recommending chicken in the recipes to the poster asking about an "Indian" meal. But, many of the Indian personnel that my dh works with do not consume chicken or fish but they aren't strict vegetarian - they eat dairy products.


So, I was curious about whether this is a religious thing, regional thing, or if it had something to do with the way meat is processed in the U.S. - ie. an not "kosher" for their religious laws concerning slaughtering practices.



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I don't know what happened to Cammie, but you could try asking jld, she's also in India.


To my understanding, not all Hindus are vegetarian, and the Brahmin class are the most strict vegetarians. Not all Indians are Hindus, and there's no reason why Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Jews wouldn't be eating chicken. I'm not aware of any special slaughtering practices, but I don't profess to know everything :)



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DH's father is Indian and all his family still lives there. He is Hindu. Most Hindus do not eat meat or eggs, they do eat some milk and some of DH's relatives will eat things with eggs in them if they don't know there is egg in it. They are fairly strict vegetarians, in fact some of DH's uncles will not go to restaurants that serve meat.


That being said some Hindus do break the rules and eat meat, but in general no Hindus do not eat meat.

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