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West Point or getting into military academies

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great refs (he'll need a senator's ref I think)


Not a ref but an appointment. You send them a letter and they have you fill out another application, just like another college app. You'll need letters of recommendation for the senators (and representative and the VP.) No big deal - just more paperwork.


volunteering (politics?)

Leadership, rather than politics, is what they are looking for. Leadership of one or two activities/clubs is better than just belonging to many.


organized sport for high school

During the high school years, but not necessarily at your high school. Many applicant do sports that are not offered at their high schools.


For more info:











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My ds 13 is very adament about going to West Point. We are having him participate in a program called the US Navy Sea Cadet Corp which is geared for 13 - 18 year olds. My dad (WP alum) has stated that it is a great program and a plus to the admissions application. We are also planning on sending him up to West Point for summer camps over the next few years.


My ds 16 is looking at Air Force or Coast Guard.

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