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Deals/coupons for LEGO

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Toys R Us does have some good deals on lego sets. They ran one a month or two ago - "buy 2 get 1 free" - which worked great for us because our older ds' wanted some pretty expensive sets. As of today they still don't know we have already finished their Christmas shopping! :001_smile: We still need to buy a couple of sets for our remaining dc and since we started keeping track of sales, Toys R Us has been the best place to find good deals (that we have found).


Your best option would be to just keep an eye on their sales flyer! The one released yesterday is good until November 24th (I think) so I'm not sure if they'll have any sales before black Friday, or not. It also had a coupon on the back - spend $75 and get a $10 giftcard - which won't reduce the price of the set, but will help if you have other things to buy.

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Toys R Us does have good sales usually, quite often a good Lego special on Black Friday. Keep an eye on their ads.


Also, check Lego.com. They don't run sales too often, but many stores mark up their Lego and you can get it cheaper on Lego.com than you can at many other shops. Also, sign up for the Lego rewards card (1 point per dollar spent) as when you accumulate a certain amount of points, you earn freebies.


Perhaps you could do Lego gift cards and encourage family members to do the same so that between all of you your son might get enough for the set he wants?

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