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We have a new family member...

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We already have 3 chooks, 2 dogs and a snake (in a rental!).


The kids and I have wanted a cat ever since our previous one ran away a year or so ago. But dh really dislikes cats. Really. Was upset we had a cat before. Contantly complained. Kept the cat outside. Said we would never get a cat.

I told the kids...the only way we would ever get another cat would be if dh brought one home by some miracle. I could never just get one, as I did other animals, because he is so hostile towards cats (he is a dog person, not to mention cat allergies).


So on the weekend he goes to a garage sale. A woman had gone interstate for some reason then phoned her neighbour to tell her she wasnt coming back. To sell everything. Dh picked up a few plants at this garage sale and came home. Later he felt to go back to the garage sale. He was in the backyard (EVERYTHING was for sale or free) and a cat came up to him. He reckons this cat SPOKE to him and told him how sad it was. (dh is rather sensitive for all his brashness!). He asked the woman from next door what was going on with the cat- they had tried to give it away but no one had replied to the advertisement and it was about to go to the cat haven the next day.


So, now we own a cat. A gorgeous, well loved, friendly, not neurotic, ginger Tom called Tiger Woods. The prettiest cat ever. About 2 years old. And it was dh who brought it home and who now adores this creature like nothing else. Dh the cat hater. Who slept with the cat last night to make sure it felt secure.


It's so funny how things turn out.


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Sweet! I love ginger cats (and black ones) but never seem to end up with either. My DH was so angry at me when we brought home a tiny kitten we found under the car, that he didn't speak to me for 24hrs. Then, I came home from work and found him dozing on the couch with her snuggled up under his chin, purring away...he looks at me and admits she is the cutest, sweetest thing he has ever seen and now she is "his" cat.

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That's sweet :001_smile:


I've seen a number of confirmed cat hating men get turned around by the "right" cat (including my labrador-loving BIL, who DOTED on his first cat like it was a small helpless child). Cats are all so very different from each other, I do believe that this one spoke to him.


Enjoy your beautiful cat.

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That's great! My dh is not a big cat fan either, but he brought home a kitten he found on the side of the road last year, because he knew how upset I would have been to know a kitten had been left on the side of the freeway. That said love to me!


And I love red tabbies- they have the sweetest dispositions.

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What a pretty cat.


My DH is not a cat lover. He was really disgruntled when he married me and I moved in with my two cats. It took Cindy (Lucinda P. Cat) exactly 1 hour to win him over. He wore a suit to work. Every night, he came home and laid down on the bed. Cindy hopped onto his chest, getting cat hair on his suit and tie, and purred and purred as he petted her for at least 30 minutes.


Mehitabel (K. Cat) won him over too -- he shared every meal with that greedy cat.

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