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s/o Latin/Phonics Road thread: A glance at Phonics Road Level 4

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At a glance, since I haven't lesson planned level 4 yet, here are some samples of my first real peek in PR4. I had just set it on the shelf, but since ya'll got me in the mood ;)


Diagramming: It appears the lesson plan lays out 3 days of this activity, then on the 4th day, you teach a designing code (word study). Generally speaking, the sentences are dictated from the "Sentences to Analyze" section, then they will be marked/parsed, then diagrammed. So the student is essentially parsing, then plugging in the diagram lines (same style as R&S).


Week 6 - The golf ball rolled fast. (Total number of practice sentences: 10)


Week 7 - Jan drove the car.(Total number of practice sentences:12)


Week 8 - Joe's brother flies jet planes. (23)


Week 9 - Pete and Ray pulled the tall weeds. (18)


Week 10 - This tent was mine and Bob's. (19)


Week 11 - Dan is the student with the best grades. (20/5 w/ a new sentence part to diagram, i.e. the student learns a new part on the scaffolding,in addition to what is previously practiced this week)


Week 12 The soldiers from the war in Iraq remained loyal. (6, 17)


Week 13 Only one of us can cook the meal for the family. (16)


more in 14; 15 - During the movie we talked in whispers. (18)


more in 16, 17 Their father's will left John and Bill a very large fortune. (18)


more in 18, 19, 20 - They looked both under the couch and behind the door. (12)


more in 21, 22, 23 - They will have painted two houses by tomorrow at noon. (12)


more in between, on down to 29 - The gardener for whom Bob works gave us some free plants. (17)


The parsing will continue in the Latin Road with the same markings. My Elders find it very helpful for translation (in both directions).


Spelling follows the pattern of spell (mark if misspelled during introduction), apply parts of speech (the word study in action), only this year, there is a column titled, Designing Applications. I don't know if these are given or the student gives it a shot. I'll let ya'll know after I watch the DVDs (Decemberish). I.e. mention is in teh spelling list, and mentionable is in the designing applications list. TBD!


The Designing Codes appear the same as 3. There is an example of this on my blog.


I'm not pulling the literature out tonight! I've got to return some movies to Redbox right quick!


Thanks to all for chatting with me this weekend about PR. What an unexpected treat!

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