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Has anybody NOT liked Visual Link Spanish? Has anybody used the advanced levels?

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I'll reply just to bump your post up.


My dd likes Visual Link Spanish a lot. She has tried Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More. Neither of those programs worked well for her beyond the very introductory lessons. She enjoys Visual Link and feels like she's really learning the language. It makes sense to her in a way that the other programs never did. She actually understands everything that it has taught so far because it does actually teach rather than expect you to pick up the meanings by osmosis. I know that lots of kids learn languages this way, but it doesn't work for my dd.

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We are using level 2 of Visual Link Spanish.

My daughter took spanish 1 in PS last year when she was a Freshmen.

We are pleased with level 2 of VL, that said, we do wish they had a workbook to go with it.

DD is doing well with the CD Rom material. I am supplementing it with a Spanish 1 workbook I picked up at a bookstore. I think it helps her remember what she has learned in Spanish 1 as she is working in Spanish 11.

It is very helpful that the VL program records the test scores. Great for ease of record keeping.


Hope this is helpful.

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