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Using MOH with MFW


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Hi guys,

Question for the experienced My Father's World (MFW) Users. Do you like it? Do you like how it uses Streams of Civilization and Story of the World 2-4? Does anyone have a schedule for using Mystery of History (MOH) as the history reader instead of SOTW or Streams of Civilization? I've also looked at the H.A. Guerber Histories and wondered about using those. Opinions very welcome :) Thanks!:bigear:

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I haven't used MOH (even though I live near the author and she's really sweet). But I've used MFW.


One way that I hear some MFW users with MOH is to put MOH in the 'book basket" for additional reading instead of "spine reading".


I don't know if that's an option or not for you.


Streams is read in tiny portions and sometimes it is just for advanced reading and/or fill in the missing pieces details, and/or parent info.


not sure that was much help.



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As Crystal said, Streams is used as another resource for more detail, but only parts of the book are assigned, and it's not the main "spine". Streams is NOT used cover to cover. And I'm not sure of the ages of your children, but for younger kids, you wouldn't necessarily be using Streams with them, anyway, except for you (the mom) might read ahead and summarize for the children, depending on how much detail you want to go into.


MOH and SOTW seem to cover different material and/or differing perspectives. You can see how this works out a bit by looking at the schedules combining SOTW and MOH on another website called Paula's Archives. Thus, I'm not sure if swapping them out in MFW would work without you having to find yet another replacement somewhere for SOTW. You'd have to do a good bit of tweaking.


In MFW, you don't really have to "add" a book to the curriculum that has a more biblical perspective than SOTW (if that's your concern), because MFW teacher notes and other biblical resources cover that. SOTW is used just for "the story", except the MFW author puts things in chronological order and then writes in the biblical components throughout the rest of the curriculum.


So I guess what I'm saying is that MOH isn't really needed in MFW, simply because it would be redundant. But yes, I've also heard of some who use MOH as part of "Book Basket" if you really like the book and just want to use it.

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