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How do you clean up after using a bug fogger?

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I hate to even use one, but I think at this point I need to. My question is, what all do I need to clean afterwards? For sure, the dishes, countertops, clothes, bedding, mop the floors. But what about things like furniture? Kids' toys? We have a baby who puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.

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Yes. I've done this when professional pest control people have come too - it was one of their recommendations. That and they told me to cover the fish tank with saran wrap.;)



Thanks. I hate to use chemicals at all, but the renter before us left us with a plethora of bugs--including roaches. And now our newly adopted kittens have brought fleas into the home too. :glare:

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Guest Elapolree

This is for others who have same issues with babies toys& house plants. Bag them up hard toys separate from soft, any hard toys missed can be washed with dish detergent. Put a fresh flea collar wrapped in a single paper towel in bag with soft toys; this will kill fleas without leaving residue on toys. Re: plants, fleas live in dirt too. Trying to clean residue off of plant is a pain. Bag plant with flea collar around base of plant near dirt.

Have long sleaves & pants on while cleaning up residue.

Good luck.

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