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"Warning: This Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up!"

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I just thought this was another one of those stupid warnings (like Caution: Do Not Iron Your Clothes While Wearing Them) until I tried to use the alarm clock from hell.


Yes, the warning is right on the clock. And it should be. I thought my heart was going to stop when this thing rang this morning. It woke the entire household, and the dog NEXT DOOR! This is an alarm for firemen, not a mom who wants to get out of bed QUIETLY a few minutes before her children.


And I couldn't figure out how to turn it off. My dh grabbed it, ran into the closet, turned it off and then put it into the trash. He said I could sleep in today.



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Ah, that reminds me of my first encounter with my deaf hubby's alarm clock. You know the cat from the Pepe le Pew cartoons? How it spends a lot of time with it's claws stuck into the ceiling? That's how I felt.




She calls it her toad. It's silent - the clock vibrates you awake from under your pillow.



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That reminds me: I got one of those alarm clocks with the bird calls and I've enjoyed it for years. You can set the volume and wake up to various bird calls. . . a gentle way to wake up. The only time I have trouble is in the Spring when the real birds are making such a racket. . .

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This is the alarm clock my DD and I have. That thing will startle you when you are awake! I don't know that it is the loudest thing you could buy, but it certainly is the most Abrupt! Also, if anyone is thinking of getting it I have to turn the alarm off every morning so it would not go off at the same time that night.

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This is the alarm clock I keep threatening to buy for DD16.




It jumps off the nightstand and runs around the room. Only consideration for her cat has prevented me from purchasing it already.


Or maybe one of these?


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