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My first used textbook sale fiasco (rant)

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I recently ordered a set of textbooks listed for sale through a Yahoo group I belong to and it has become a nightmare.


First off, the listing was through someone I haven't really met but we have a few mutual friends so I figured it would be okay. After I told her I wanted the set I received an email saying she had listed the books for someone else and that person would be contacting me to complete the sale.


After the real seller contacted me I mailed a check. She sent me an email the day she received my check and said there was a problem. Her bank would not confirm the funds so she would not be sending the books.:glare:


I have checked with my bank and the check was cashed the day she received it. I can see an image of the check online and her signature is quite clear so I know she has the money. My bank gave me specific details as to when she cashed the check and when my bank transferred the funds.


Why do people feel the need to be dishonest? It is so frustrating. These books were fairly expensive, over $100, and I just don't have that kind of money to give away.



I sent an email to the lady who originally listed the books for sale and explained the situation to her. I have yet to hear anything from either woman.


I guess I have learned my lesson.

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Since you mailed her a check, file a complaint with the Postmaster! Take a copy of your cancelled check with you and file a fraud complaint.


:iagree: Don't give up. That is a lot of money. I would inform the seller of the information you received from your bank and tell her you will be pursuing further action if she does not send you the books or return your money.

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There is a possibility that her bank held the funds until the check cleared, but these days that is usually only a day or two.


I would email her a copy of the cancelled check, with any sensitive information blacked out.


I don't understand why delaying giving you the books benefits her in any way. :confused: How odd.

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Thanks for the replies. I will give her a couple of more days to see if she repsonds to the email I sent on Thursday.


If not, I will request a copy of the endorsed check and a letter from the bank stating the pertinent information.


Thanks again.


I doubt she is trying to steal your money (and hope I'm right!). The only way to deposit the funds is to endorse the check and turn it over to the bank. Just because they show that this portion of the transaction has occured, it doesn't mean that funds are verified and available in her account. Have patience.

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