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My 4 mo pup is a std poodle and therefore will need to be groomed frequently. I have been watching videos online about grooming poodles. One thing I haven't seen is how to you train a dog to stand still and not get worked up while being groomed? My last dog was a husky so we were able to get away with a bath and a good brushing.


Anyone have any success training a dog to stand still for grooming?

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I did something kind of makeshift the other day to see how that would work. He still wiggled around a bunch. In some of the videos the dogs were standing still and letting the groomer do just about anything to them. I know he is a pup but I would like to get him to that point.

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He is too young to expect him to stand still for a full grooming. But you're right to begin to train him now. Get a stand, or make something which does the same thing - keeps his head up. Go for very short times - maybe five minutes or so at most, and reward him when you're done. You don't even have to do any clipping, just brushing, nail trimming, whatever you need to do. Keep practicing this even once a day, and gradually increase the amount of time. If you'll be using a clipper, you'll need to get him used to the sound of that as well. You can run it near him while you're brushing him - same with a hair dryer as it's so much easier to brush him out while drying his fur. Lots of positive reinforcement and patience should pay off in the long run.


It's much easier to work on them when they're up on a table, but if you do this, and have him tethered to a stand, make sure you're with him at all times - it's so easy for them to fall off.


Hopefully Hornblower will come on and share some suggestions. The clicker method may work for this as well.

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