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Update on "Sensitive question; parents only"

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Firstly, thank you all so much for your thoughts and advice, and especially for sharing your own experiences. This board is so invaluable; I can't think of another place like it. Thank you all, truly.


I agree with some of you that mentioned my sister's reaction may not have been the best under the circumstances. I know she made her son afraid of getting in trouble. In her defense, (I'm not suggesting she's being attacked) since having a daughter she worries a lot about keeping her safe, and I think seeing her son telling her daughter to touch him "there" made her react with fear and anger instead of keeping her mom face on, so to speak. We all react in the moment sometimes and regret it later! Also, she's under a lot of strain from marital problems, (if you're in the habit of praying for total strangers, please say a prayer for her and her husband, thank you).


When she did calm down and talk to her son, it turns out they were playing some kind of a game that seems innocent enough. My sister got the impression, like many of you said, that it was a "this feels good and is funny" kind of a situation instead of a perverted one. She talked to him about what's appropriate and what's not.


But anyway she is going to be closely observing his overall behavior to see if there's any of the troublesome signs you all mentioned. He does spend time away from the home with his grandparents (her husband's dad whom my sis doesn't know all that well), so she is not ruling out the possibility of abuse. She is also going to speak to his pediatrician about what to look for and when to worry.


Your responses were so helpful, thank you again.

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