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I need food ideas for get together on halloweeen

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I'm not serving dinner. But I am providing snacks/etc. And I feel like it shouldn't all be sweets, as the kids will have candy already. There will be 5 adults, 4 11 year old boys, and a 4 year old girl. So far I am thinking salsa and guac, both served in little hollow pumpkins, with chips. Some pumpkin bread. Spider web eggs ala Martha Stewart. (hard boiled eggs cooked to look like spider webs on the outside). Some hot cider with whipped cream. Maybe caramel apples. Not sure what else to do. I don't want to have so much food it is all wasted, as people will have already eaten (I think...they are coming at 6pm to go trick or treating....I'm worried they are just skipping dinner). Plus...this is my husband's ex girlfriend and she has "heard all about" my cooking. So I feel I have to make at least one thing that is impressive, which had not been my initial plan. I do make a yummy dish called corn pie, that is a cross between corn bread and corn souffle, served in a crust. Everyone always loves it. Or should I make up some chili in the crock pot? My family could have it for dinner and anyone else could help themselves? But I don't make good chili. Sigh. I need help!



I found some recipes, so the new plan is.....

Pumpkin Chili

Guacamole in a pumpkin

Salsa in a pumpkin


Pumpkin Rum cake

Rice Crispy Pumpkins

Caramel Apples

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