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Would you go with a 2nd computer or iPad?

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I've been saving all summer and fall, and now have enough to get an ipad or nice laptop for my girls to share.

I thought it would be an ipad, but when we went to play with one at the apple store...we were underwhelmed.

Now they're all voting for a laptop...

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We currently have one computer that is ~ 6 years old. With the kids getting older and using the computer more, it's time to think about adding another. We don't want them to have their own yet.


Would you choose an iPad or 2nd computer .


We have many computers here (husband in IT work). We also bought an iPad a few months ago when I was convinced my son would be getting allergy shots (he hasn't).


You want a computer.


You may choose a laptop instead of a desktop, but the iPad, although nifty (I'm surfing with it and responding from it) isn't powerful enough for your kids to be using it for schoolwork.


I use the iPad for netflix, reading ebooks, playing games, and doing some Internet surfing. Typing on it is significantly slower than on a keyboard and I find surfing a bit more cumbersome as well.


You can also buy a good laptop for a hundred or two less than the iPad.

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