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Ever read the comments on your newspaper's website?

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Good gracious.




Anyone guess what that might be???


Yes, Nazi. I need to go to bed...



There used to be a comment flying around USENET about how no one on the internet knows you're a jerk. Well, when it comes to reader's comments, Oh Yes They Do.


I mollify myself by thinking it keeps them from beating the old lady......

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Yes, I do sometimes. When I want a laugh. What people say on there absolutely amazes me. These are people who live NEAR ME?!?!


A while ago, someone close to me was assaulted. She is a minor, so her name was not published. Her EX step mother had commented on the news report talking about her mental issues... This woman used her own REAL name to post. We had to flag that comment to get it off.


Even funnier... The people who 'correct' other posts for grammar or spelling mistakes... lol

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