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Does anyone have a document they use that can tell me every week what needs to be ordered for the weeks in advance?


Or, if you made your own, can you explain your planning of it?


This may seem like a simple enough task, but my mind is everywhere at the moment and I can't really grasp what exactly I need to do. :lol:

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I made my own for History (SOTW) and Science (my homemade topical studies and BFSU).


What I did for SOTW: I created a table with two columns, one with the SOTW Chapter topic and lessons, the other column with the books corresponding to the chapters. I picked the books that sounded interesting to me and what I would think would interest ds, and went on my library site to check if the system had it available. If they didn't, and I really wanted the book, I would type in the book title in the column and write ILL behind it (Interlibrary Loan). For the ones that were already at the library I wrote KL (abbrev for the library system five minutes away from me). This way I could see which books I needed to get earlier, at a glance. I did all this over the Summer.


For the Science, we do topical studies. This year the topics are Wildflowers, Rocks and Minerals, Electricity and Insects. We also do BFSU. For science, I have a different method. I created a lesson plan for the topical studies which show me in detail what we do every day (a la Winter Promise, Sonlight), and I saved the last column for the books we need. I admit I didn't look up all the titles for Science, as they are numerous. But I put in some suggestions from the BFSU book, and I knew the topic ahead of time to be able to research it and find it quickly through the library system. I think I may want to make this one a bit more sophisticated next year. It works, but I have to work a few kinks out. I'm also on the lookout for good, living books for science.

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well, I don't use a special form or anything. I have a paperclip on the page of my SOTW activity book to let me know what chapter we are working on this week. Once a week or so I open my activity book and flip a couple weeks in advance. I look at the books that are suggested. I log onto my local library website. I run many searches. If they have something at another library I request it via interlibrary loan. I do a couple searches and see if anything else is available on the topic.


I go to the library and pick books up as they become available. I also return what was used this week. If there is something that I MUST have I make sure to get it well ahead of time. I am usually getting books about 10 days before I need them.


I guess I should also add that I live in town and the library is less than a mile from my house. Running over there isn't exactly a big deal. I can pop over the after dinner to pick stuff up or have DH drop stuff off when he is catching his bus to work.

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