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Sigh, i didn't even get to respond to my Baptist thread

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I don't see where the thread was going wrong. I'm sorry it got closed.


I was raised Baptist. We went to church 3 times a week. We were part of GARBC - General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.


You can check their directory here:




I'm from Ohio - there are a lot of GARBC there,not sure they are in FL.


Remember, this is my view and based upon how MY church distributed their version of the Bible. I LOVED our congregation and we always did a lot of fun things, but I do disagree with the basis of how they teach, which is kind of fear based. They stressed the rapture and the tribulation (fear this...to avoid this, get saved). It was a little too hell, fire and dam*ation for my liking. They did teach a lot of love and they were very much into doctrinal stuff that would sometimes go above my head. I would never take my kids to a Baptist church to regularly attend because I don't agree with the hell, fire, dam*ation thing and I don't want my kids thinking they are going to hell if they don't get saved - especially when they are too young to really understand.


When I moved to Dayton, OH, I had a pastor soliciting my neighborhood from a Baptist church come to my door to ask me 10 questions...okay, I'll answer them...the last question was "Are you born again". I say "Yes" and he questions me "are you sure, how do you KNOW you are born again". I was annoyed, but that goes along the lines of one of the posters in the other thread - you can say your saved, but they will question how you know you really are. They believe once saved, always saved, but I don't really think they believe that. I was saved many times, but my dad doesn't believe it since I'm not practicing anymore. I believe he believed I was when I was growing up - I think he quit believing when I quit going to church in my 20s.


The Baptist church you go to may be very different than the one I went to. I really do love the members of my parents church. They were my family growing up, and I do sometimes miss having a church community.

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