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Can you help me disable or delete this thing??

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Previously, that there is a google history in the very search box was fine b/c we've had our computer for a few years and nothing is really new.


Now, however, we've had a hard drive failure and everything is new. So, if I google a specific lego set, for example, eveyone in the house knows it and suddenly, questions like, "why are you looking at legos, Mom?" are NOT welcome. Tis the season to be more discreet.


I found some cool lego sets somewhere and wanted to google to see what they look like, et c, and if the price is right. Well, now just type in an L and about 7 Lego ###### Title pops up.


I need to disable this! I do most of my Christmas shopping online and don't want everyone knowing what I've been looking at.


How do I do it???

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Are you using google.com to search or the search bar on the top of the browser. If you are using google.com you can stop it from filling in by going to search settings on the top right side of the page and then at the bottom of that page turn off google instant.


If you are using the search bar, I don't know of a way to keep it from filling in except for each time that you are done searching right click on the mag. glass and choose clear search history. That should prevent it from popping up what you had searched.

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You also may want to go to tool, Internet options, and then the settings for browsing history and set it to keep it for 0 days. That way when you close the browser window it will delete your history so it shouldn't pull up the sites that you visited when you go to type in new site in the address bar.

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Now I remember why I hate internet explorer - To turn off it filling in the google web page with the search results in the web address you also need to go to tools, internet options, click on the content tab, and then on autocomplete settings and turn off it filling in web address.

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