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Virtual Scream

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I don't have anywhere to do this and my husband thinks I'm crazy, so I shouldn't do it in front of him. But.




There will be little sleeping tonight (by me). My husband is walking around screeching every time he opens a door in an attempt to frighten me. :glare:


Pest control has been called (after hours, left a message) and if there's a God in heaven they'll come out tomorrow.


Until then: AAAAAAHHHHH!!

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If it makes you feel better, we've had a rat in our attic, and three shrews in our house. We also have raccoons and opossum out back at night.




(1) killed by mouse trap. I could sense the little guy scurrying through our kitchen. When I turned around, I saw no tail. My husband thought I was crazy. It did end up being a shrew.


(2) found smelly dead shrew under our sink in a plastic storage bin which I keep cleaning supplies in


(3) cat killed one while we were out of town


[all of these in about a three-year span]

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I'm probably going to regret asking this, but: what's a shrew? :leaving:


A very cute little insectivore. I acutally like them. I found one in my compost pile. We caught it and let the boys watch it for a while in a little cage. I just don't want one in my house. They can be hard to get rid of.


BTW -- We are clean people. We've had roaches, rats, shrews, etc. We feed birds, so I'm sure that makes things worse. But, we have cats. LOL



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Hope you got some sleep and animal control comes out early!


We have had to deal with bats in our attic several times and I know how unnerving it is to hear something up there.


Our last animal control guy gave us some good tips on preventing them coming back~hopefully whoever you call can advise you on how your mystery guest got in.

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