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Right Start Cotter Tens Fractal


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Please tell me I can skip this? Pretty please?


Seriously . . . is it necessary or can I omit these lessons? I don't want to cut out 1000 triangles and I honestly don't see the point . . . :D


If you want to do a simplified version look at the yahoo group files, but we just skip it. :D



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I am modifying RS B to fit my needs. I am saving all the geometry & time lessons for vacations. I want a strong footing on place value & trading/regrouping this year.




This is EXACTLY what I'm going for! I was kind wishing for a topical approach because I get a tad overwhelmed trying to modify.


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one wanting to use RS in a modified fashion.


Thanks for letting me know I can skip that tens fractal! :D

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It seems that I may be the only one, but I can honestly say that I'm glad we didn't skip the lesson(s?) on the Cotter Tens Fractal. We are in Level C this year, but my little man and I have referred to it (CTF) several times since learning about it last year in Level B. I'd just recommend doing the simplified version offered in the RS Yahoo (Tens Fractals Pyramids pdf), as suggested earlier by siloam, rather than skipping it entirely. Just my thoughts.


:001_smile: Melissa

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Are you using MM blue? If not, look into it. It dovetails nicely with RS. I also use Singapore 1 with dd6. So much good stuff out there. :)

Yes . . . Blue and Light Blue! I LOVE (really love) Math Mammoth . . . and I agree 100% that it dovetails beautifully with RS B. :D

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