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Looking for a self-led History program for my 6 & 8th graders


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We are currently using a 7th grade history program for both. It is CLE's Light Units, God's World His Story, and it is so dry and boring. Also the print on the light units is so big that it is visually annoying. These statements are coming from my 6th & 8th graders, but I have to agree with them on all counts this time.


I would like to switch them to a different program. They are just doing their work to do it. There is no interest and therefore no retention. It has to be self-led/taught since my schedule is so full.


I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

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TRISMS has a History Makers curriculum that is for 6th-8th grades and is designed to be independent, but it also includes other subjects (not sure if you would want that or not) like language arts including writing and science.


Winter Promise could possibly be used independently since they have the independent schedules for the student.


Oak Meadow also has a history program that could be used independently for the middle school grades. I think the newer versions include language arts together with the history.

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my ds13, 8th grade, reads 2 chapters every day, either orally narrates or writes a summary of what he read and when my Knowledge Quest maps line up, we add that in. The mapwork is very easy to add in and doesn't take much time at all on my part. The oral narration is done while I fold clothes or do dishes or whatever.


These books have been really interesting for him and he usually narrates orally without prompting.



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