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Suggestions on how to find out about professor's quirks/specific requirements?

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DS is dual enrolled this year in college. He has had a few assignments that he got docked some serious amounts of points on, where the professor didn't make a specific request of format, but then docked points for it anyways. No notes in syllabus or on the specific assignment sheet either; just an 'assumed knowledge'.


ie In high school, ds was taught in his pre-AP chemistry class to specifically use pronouns in lab summaries. He just turned in a couple of labs in college and got docked a lot of points on them because he used the same personal pronouns. I do think the 'no personal pronouns' rule is the more official rule, but it would have been nice for him to know that ahead of time. The prof gave back the first lab after the second lab was turned in, so it affected 2 labs for him. DS couldn't change the format until the 3rd lab. :( The grade docking wasn't on quality or accuracy of work, just the pronouns.


A few other things have happened similarly in other classes. I remember that it takes a bit to get used to each prof's style, but I was wondering if there are websites or other ways of figuring out these details ahead of time.


DS is not the type to ask around, so the most obvious answer isn't going to happen.




ETA: I don't think this example is a 'quirk', just an example of the prof expecting something that, while it may be typical in college, may not be what a kid fresh out of high school may know. A detail that I would expect to find in a syllabus or class expectations notation.

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