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Looking for side-by-side fridge recommendations

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This is a spin-off from my post earlier this week about returning a fridge that you are not satisfied with.


I went back to the store and they said that they have had almost every single one of these models come back because of the ice maker. :glare: Yeah. Thanks for continuing to sell it.


Anyway. Now I need to buy another side-by-side fridge. I have searched on-line for days now. I have read over Consumer Reports, both in print and on-line. Almost every single review cites problems with the ice makers.


I was wondering - has anyone bought a new fridge in the past year or so that you would recommend?

I would really like one with an ice maker bin IN the freezer section, not on the door.


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Forgive me, I didn't read the other thread. Are you committed to a side by side? I've had all three kinds of refrigerators (well, there's a fourth and that's what I'm getting next), and the side by side is my least favorite of the three. The shelves are narrower by design so getting a big 10x15 or 9x13 in there is not possible without clearing off an entire shelf. The freezer is much smaller than a freezer on top or bottom (at least the way it works for me). Of the three main types of fridges, the bottom freezer is my favorite.


My next fridge (the fourth kind) is going to be a freezerless model -- then we'll get an upright freezer is well. I need more space! But I have 7 kids and 2 milk goats, too, so need a lot of space.

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