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What comes after Spelling through Morphographs or Apples & Pears?


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If you have used a morpheme-based approach for spelling like the ones above, what do you use when you complete the program if your child still needs to continue with spelling?


We will be completing the Spelling Mastery series next year, and I had planned to move on to Megawords after that, thinking it was a similar approach. Now, I realize it is a very different approach and I don't want to confuse my son. He has done very well with Spelling Mastery, but I'm not confident about just dropping spelling. We originally started with SWR and did that for 2 - 3 years. He did okay with that, but it was taking us 40 minutes a day to get through.


Hoping someone has some ideas about this. . . .



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My older son (ds10) finished Apples and Pears at the end of last year. I didn't think he was ready to do no spelling at all so I looked for something else for this year.


We tried Sequential Spelling but it didn't work well. Too many easy words and not enough of anything else. And the patterns that he was supposed to see, he didn't see them.


We are now using Spelling Power and it is working well. It works on one sound at a time. Yesterday it was qu. It is working for us. And it is short. He likes that. I do to.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

You could try something like Word Build by Dynamic Literacy. It's not spelling but teaches vocabulary through morphemes (learning what each morpheme means, building the words, and using the meaning to figure out what the word means). I'm sure I didn't do it justice but (from what I've been able to figure out about A&P) it seems like the next logical step.

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