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Hi and welcome!


I just learned about green smoothies and LOVE drinking them! Not so much for the taste, but for what's in it! The main idea is to make a smoothie with 60%greens and 40% fruit. I use water for the liquid and it comes out great. Always add a banana or avocado. Yum :) That can be made into a breakfast if youwant to add protein powder and make sure the calories are high enough. Otherwise, it's a snack for me :)

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I feel like we just hit this breakfast rut. The last few weeks we've been eating Trader Joes French Toast and Cereal... but I have Insulin Resistance and PCOS, so those things are B-A-D for my body.



My favorite low-carb breakfast:


Greek Yogurt (fat free kind)

Frozen blueberries (quickly run under water in strainer to defrost)

Pecan bits

1 packet Stevia


I can eat this almost every day. The Stevia is of course optional if you don't mind the taste of plain yogurt, or if the blueberries are enough to sweeten it for you.


And I get all of this at TJ's. Well, except the Stevia - I buy a different brand from TJ's though they do have their own.


If you like eggs, there's always that. Or omlettes. Or since I'm too lazy to cook in the morning, when I'm doing Phase 1 South Beach I make omelette "cupcakes" - make huge batch of omelette, pour in muffin cups, bake, then freeze individually and defrost as needed.

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Green smoothies are awesome!! Do a search on the forums and get a bunch of recipes for them.


Omelettes with chopped veggies are good- that's what we're having today.


Breakfast wraps- get some tortillas and put just about anything in them from natural peanut butter and banana slices to chopped veggies and hummus.


We often eat fruit salad with whole grain toast.


Breakfast doesn't have to be breakfast foods. We often eat leftover dinner stuff for breakfast, too.

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I'm eating whole wheat (fresh ground) oat, nut pancakes at the moment. I top it with 1 or 2T real maple syrup. An egg or piece of cheese competes the breakfast. I make my own granola with oats, nuts, seeds, and whatever happens to be in the cabinet (raisins, real unsweetened coconut). Morning glory muffins, tofu scramble, veggie/cheese omlet, greek yogurt and fruit, keifer and cereal, various high protein/high fiber breads.......

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We love Oatmeal Crepes....Well, you use Ground Oat Groats (what is started with before they are "rolled") You then do kefir or yogurt/milk..... lots of eggs.... and just a bit of juice sweetened jam... could you do something like that? I roll them up and freeze them... (or quarter them and freeze) They are SOOO yummy!

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When I am on the go, I have cheese, fruit, and nuts. Co-op days I usually have almonds, a chunk of local Swiss or cheddar, and an apple.


When I am home, I make eggs most days of the week. Sometimes I add in veggies, other times I have fruit or potato on the side.


At least once a week I have a bowl of beans (black or pinto) with sriracha, cheese, and sour cream..... but this is a meal I would gladly eat any time of day.

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