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What on earth is wrong with my printer????

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ANYTIME I turn it on it prints 8-10 pages of jibberish. It looks like chinese mixed with russian writing. Its anywhere from 1-10 lines of this then it prints a page with lines of color. Does anybody know how to get this to stop? FWIW Its a HP Deskjet 932c (yes, its a dinosaur)


ETA: Sorry I meant to do this on the general board :blush:

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Is it the moment you turn it on? IF yes, then he says get a new printer. If it's when you try to print, it could be a number of issues. His first suggestions were to check and make sure you have the correct drivers installed, and second to check the buffer.

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Have you tried to restart the computer? Sometimes the device drivers get messed up and a computer restart will fix it. Just restarting the printer won't do the trick. If that fails, I would uninstall the device drivers and reinstall the current files. They an be found on the manufacturers website.





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Power off the printer . Disconnect the printer cable from the computer. Now Power on the printer.

If it still spits out the 8 sheets of jibberish, the printer is probably running the self test automatically. Time to replace it!


If no jibberish printing at this point, don't connect the printer cable, uninstall the drivers from to computer. Power off the computer. Install the drivers form the disc you got along with the printer & connect the printer cable only at the step that they ask you in the instructions.

Now do a test print.


Does you printer work properly after the initial 8-10 pages of jibberish?

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