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For those who use McGuffey's Readers...can you tell me exactly how you do it?


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I found a set of these at my used bookstore yesterday and I would like to use them with my 10dd and 8ds. Can anyone give me any advice? :)


We are currently using Sequential Spelling and CLE LA and Reading if that matters.


Thanks so much...


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I use the really old McGuffey's Eclectic readers (they're online free - but paper & ink aren't free) for Oral Reading Practice. There's a short blurb about it in the grammar stage reading section of TWTM. It is done once a week (I'd do it more often for a struggling reader). Basically we talk about things like accent marks, hypens, and other little odds'n'ends that are mentioned at the front of the book - 1 topic per session. Then, I remind him about reading with good inflection, volume, and annuciation. I read the passage to him outloud a few times to model this, then I have him read it aloud to me 1 or 2 times to practice. If the passage was super-short we do 2. I explain any antiquated language and have him practice using it (orally, not written) in sentences he makes up.


I suppose you could also use them as grade level readers, but we never seem to stick with those.

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I use these with my younger three dc. I have them read a lesson aloud to me every day. We don't do anything fancier than that. It has helped them learn to read longer sentences than those typically found in "readers" and has broadened their reading vocabulary base too. I think the 1879 McG's are wonderful. :)

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Articmom-I think we will do something like that...my daughter doesn't like to read aloud...but she really needs the practice.:)


theretohere-Are the phonics rules on the page or did you just know them? I have the 1879 ed. if it makes any difference. I don't know all the phonics rules myself. I am a sight reader I guess.:)


Caitlin-I am really torn between reading a lesson a day and a lesson a week over and over again to work on fluency and allocution (is that the right word?):) But I am happy to hear you like them...I think they are wonderful too. I would have liked them as a kid. I hope mine do too.


Thanks for all the great advice...it is much appreciated.

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We are using the third one with my third grader this year. He reads one section aloud a day. If he does great on that section, then the next day he moves on. If he has trouble with sounding out the words, then we work on it again the next day. We also work on inflection, pausing at punctuation correctly, etc. This is a quick, easy way for me to see how his reading is each day...

He also does 'silent reading' for about 45min during the school day and does oral narration w/ that....but I've been loving the simplicity of these readers this year. And his reading has improved SO much since the beginning of the year! :001_smile:

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We use the 3rd reader, John Wiley & Sons version.


I choose a story that is about 2.5 pages long and use it as a vocabulary, spelling and enunciation lesson. Soon I will add lessons about diacritical marks.


For example, for the story "A Walk in the Garden":


Pre-lesson: I print the vocabulary words with definitions.


During the lesson, I introduce the words & definitions to my ds.


We then focus on understanding the story. After that, we play a vocabulary game. He matches the vocab word to their definitions.


We read again, this time focusing on enunciation.


At the end of each week, I give him a spelling test.


In the near future, I will teach him how to decipher the diacritical marks.


We focus on 1 story every 2 weeks.




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