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I just call out the words and he gives me the defs. We do it more or less daily.


I have looked at the quizlet and anki, but my son doesn't like to do work on the computer.


By way of usage, he loves discovering words from his accumulating list in his everyday reading. These words show up with surprising frequency. ;) Every time he comes across a word, he lets me know. ;)

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We started using CE2 for my 6th grader this year. My dd came up with her own game called "Weekly Word Nut" where she picks a vocabulary word and uses it all week in her writing (school and non-school related) and conversation. Last week, her word was "ostentatious" and I doubt our family will forget what that word means b/c it was used so often. I realize it's only one new word a week, but I thought it was a clever idea.

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