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Nashville homeschool groups/co ops

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Congrats on the move! It is beautiful here and there are a TON of opportunities for homeschoolers. I would suggest you join SHAPE. Google Spring Hill Area Parent Educators for info. Though based in Spring Hill, they do field trips all over the area. They are also have a very active yahoo group, park days, special activities (in fact, there was a history fair today). Another group is the Williamson County Homeschool yahoo group. Not quite as active, but still a lot of great info. There are a lot of co-ops and tutorials in the area. Off the top of my head there is Shanan, West Harpeth, A Classical Conversations group in Franklin, SHARE (k-6 tutorial), SHINE (7-12 tutorial), Wise-Oak, Endesha....many more. It also might be helpful to check out the Middle TN Home Educatation Assoc. (MTHEA). Lots of great info. there. Feel free to PM me if you want any more specific info.:)


ETA: I have a 7 yr. old boy as well! Maybe we will meet IRL sometime:)

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hsbaby, i'm interested in knowing about endesha and wise-oak. i know about all the others you mentioned but haven't heard of those.


also, i was just over at your blog, spying on you a bit ;)

we have a 7.5 yr old boy (working on 2nd grade), a 6 yr old girl (working on K ), and a toddler boy. we're not currently in any tutorial this year. we tried one last yr for DS but it didn't fit our family at all.


but in looking ahead to next year, we're feeling like we might be leaning the direction of a one-day-week tutorial. soooo . . . now i'm researching. and i'm curious: where do you do your tutorial?


we must live fairly close to each other b/c of everything you talk about on your blog. we were just at jumpzone last friday. LOL. sometimes you just gotta . . . .


if you'd rather PM me the details so it's not on the WWW for all to read, that's fine. :) just thought it would be fun to make a connection with another middle tennessee classically-educating homeschool mama with kids similar in age to ours :)

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