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Ouachita Baptist University


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O.K. y'all....this is the VERY last school I will ask you about...I promise!:D



We are scheduled to go see this school on November 12th.



It is 3 and 1/2 hours from our home and has all of DS's majors and has opportunities for community service.


Anyone know anything about this school that they would like to pass on....




(Who REALLY promises that this is the very last school I will ask about;) Really!)

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but I really don't know much about it. What type of school are you looking for? Sorry, I have not followed your other threads. I do know a couple of people who went to school there, so I could ask some questions if there is something specific you would like to know.

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it was on the list of colleges I asked dd to apply to, although she was not really interested. We have several acquaintances who have a connection to OB.


Dd and I visited with the dept chair of one of her majors at the college she is attending (not OB); he had been a prof at OB for number of years before taking a position at her college. As we finished out the visit, I asked about his experience at OB and how it compared to the more recent college. He mentioned that his primary motivation for moving was to find something that was larger, more metropolitan for his family. OB is a significant distance from Little Rock, so a student would need to have a car to have access to business, internships, etc.


He said that by comparison, Abilene (160K) was a metroplex! :) Abilene does have 4 colleges and 2 cc campuses and it has a small but very vibrant arts community. :) So the difference was night and day in his mind.


Not sure if that matters at all to your ds, but fwiw, you have the feedback.

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I think Arkadelphia would be a good fit. We come from a rual area just north of Memphis.


Just two years ago, we got a Kroger.( HeeHee)


We are used to driving everywhere to do things.


In fact, DS didn't even consider U of Memphis, due to its Urban feel. He is looking for Suburban or Rural.


So, we are good there!:001_smile:

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Someone told us about Hendrix. We looked into it. And may look again. The president of that college is a Cloyd, Tim I think. Anyway, his father and my father were ministers in the TN Conference(Methodist) together. So, Tim and I were P.K.'s. And I went to Lambuth University with Tim's sister. (Small world huh?)But I never knew Tim personally. Our families just ran in the same circles.


However, I looked at the tuition at Hendrix and about fell over....Guess that is why we didn't look into it any further.


But thanks for the information.



(More than you wanted to hear this morning.;))

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I graduated from Ouachita in 1994 with a BA in Biblical Studies. I worked as an admissions counselor for 3 years and also taught adjunct ESL. My dh worked in the development office for several years before we relocated to be closer to family. I know a lot has changed since we were there but I would love to answer any questions that you have. I enjoyed my college experience a lot. :001_smile:

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We had a lovely day in Arkadelphia, Ar on Friday. The admissions staff bent over backwards to help us in any way possible. Our admissions counselor was praying for us and for Bear before we arrived.


While Ouchita is not an ivy league school, academically it is a solid school. There were no doubts in our minds about the rigor of the courses there. If I had to compare, it is very similar to Union University in Jackson TN, if not a slight bit harder. It is a conservative Christian university. However, Christianity is not "integrated" into all curriculums as we have seen, for instance at Bryan College. There is a difference.


Ouchiata has an unlimited meal plan. You can eat any time from 7:00-7:00, as much as you want. You also have $400 a semester to spend on Starbucks and Chick Fil A, which are both on campus. Sweet! The only other meal plan that we have seen like this was Bryan College.


Dorms: The freshmen live in very large but normal style dorm rooms with bunk beds with suite style bath set up. So, four people in two rooms, share one bath. The freshmen dorms were the oldest on campus, but you go WAY up after your freshmen year. Juniors and Seniors can apply for Gosser hall which has apartment style dorms with private rooms. All dorms were new, except the freshmen dorms, and they plan on updating those in the next few years.


Dorms are set up Boys and Girls separate dorms. Visitation in the dorms are held twice a week. Once during the week night and once on the weekend. But visitation is to be "open door only".


Chapel is required for students. You must earn 7 semesters of chapel credit to graduate. They leave the last semester off of chapel credit in that people may have student teaching or internships their spring semester of their senior year. You are allow 4 or 5 absences from chapel a semester.


They have a card swipe system to get in the dorms, but doors are only locked at night, which was different from Lambuth or UT Martin when the doors are locked at all times.


They have a security company which takes care of campus security. One officer is always in the student center and one is always making rounds. This is 24/7. The Arkadelphia police are also just a few blocks away if needed. It seemed like a very SAFE campus.


There is a clinic with a Dr and Nurse practitioner. The doctor is there on MWF and the Nurse practitioner is there T/Th, if your student needed anything. They take a co-pay, just like going to your regular doctor. They can either let the student pay or they will bill you the co-pay amount.


There are LOTS of opportunities for activities, service and social clubs. They do not have national greeks, but do have these "social clubs". They do not allow you to "rush" until January of your freshman year, and you have to have a certain grade point average to "rush". There are also other clubs that are related to your particular "discipline". For instance, there is a Math club and Nutrition club.


They have opportunities for study abroad for one semester OR a European Study Tour which is a three week trip in May.


That is about all I can think of right now.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm bushed. It's a Monday!





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