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What is involved in 1st grade LA?


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What makes up 1st grade LA? This is for next year.


Do I continue with phonics if my daughter can read? If so, what's a good program?


Do I need to do:






Reading Comprehension


Also, what are some good reading programs? I don't really know what I should be challenging her with? Thanks so much. As you can see, this is my first year to HS!

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Obviously, you can get a LA program for 1st, but many people don't. We're doing 1st now. We're doing phonics (one kid is doing ETC, the other is doing some Progressive Phonics and some ETC and some with the BOB books... we're a little all over the place with him, trying to make something click). We also do handwriting with HWT. That's it for formal programs. Everything else is informal. We do a word a day thing for vocabulary. The kids do writing for other subjects a little and we play some of the games from Peggy Kaye's Games for Writing. We read lots and lots of books - both aloud and my reader reads to himself a good bit.

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I think part of it will also depend on how well they're reading and writing. If they're still learning how to read, I wouldn't bother with spelling yet, and would probably go light on grammar if doing it at all. I think I would stress phonics/reading/handwriting most (my son is in first grade now, but not homeschooled yet... those are the things I'm most concerned with for LA right now though).


If your daughter can read, definitely continue with the phonics. A lot of early readers don't have the phonics down as well as they will need later on. My son is a good example of that. He was reading at about 2.5 grade level when he started Kindergarten last year, but he didn't know a lot of phonics beyond the basics taught in starfall.com. He was doing a lot of sight reading, even though he wasn't taught whole word reading or anything like that (he just went from not reading to reading very well in a very short period of time all on his own). Now in first grade, he's learning a lot of phonics, and it's very very helpful, especially for spelling! Next year, I'll continue that via AAS, and I might see where he is in OPGTR, which I'm using for phonics instruction for my 4 year old right now (we're still learning the sounds of the letters - haven't gotten to reading yet). OPGTR takes you through 4th grade reading and seems to be very thorough. I don't do it completely as written (ie, sitting down with the book alone), but I use a white board and make games with the letters. DS2 and I just got done playing vowel hockey on the white board. :D

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